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Welcome to my website. Why build a Dalek? Well, why not?! I first got the idea from the Radio Times special in 1973, celebrating the 10th anniversary of Dr Who. At the back were plans for building a Dalek. Although rather crude I was inspired, but at just 13, my dreams exceeded my abilities. Now, a few (!) years later, I've done it!

To be honest, I cheated a bit. I bought some of the parts and raw materials from a chap who'd decided not to continue with his project. He'd already built one Dalek and, apparently, the pressures of work had forced him to abandon number two. I'm saying nothing but his missus looked really pleased as my partner and I drove away with two car-loads of evil alien cyborg bits! (My partner just looked bewildered, bless her!!)

The photographs here show some of those bits. The best is the specially constructed former invalid carriage that enabled me to radio control my Dalek.

It took far longer to build my Dalek than I expected; over five years in fact. I'm afraid that working for a living just gets in the way of life! Now, what's my next project I hear you ask... Why, to build a TARDIS to keep my Dalek in of course!

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dome or head

Propulsion system
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